Warriors GM Bob Myers on Curry’s injury, what happened against Sacramento and whether rest is in offing for starters

Warriors general manager Bob Myers joined us on 95.7-FM The game earlier on Wednesday and addressed number of topics – most importantly the status of Steph Curry and his injury.

While Myers joined us before the Warriors announced Curry wouldn’t play Wednesday night against Dallas, it was pretty obvious to tell that Golden State wasn’t planning on using him tonight.

Here are some highlights from the Myers’ interview.

–On whether or not the Warriors will start resting players in general:

“I don’t know. We’re pretty banged up. Those conversations, we’re going to have to start having those. … These next two games (Dallas and Houston) are going to be hard because we’re thin at a lot of positions.”

–On the first half against the Sacramento Kings on Monday night:

“I thought it was awful. I thought it was disrespectful. I never played in the NBA but I try to put myself in the minds and shoes of the players, and I’m thinking it’s maybe Monday night and we had a big game on Christmas (vs. Cavaliers). They played with not much focus and it showed. But they’re human beings, too. But we have a high bar now.”

–On Stephen Curry and how injured he is right now:

“He’s taking a lot of bumps and bruises and at some point you’re looking at a guy and saying … ‘if you’re not hurt now you’re on you’re way to getting hurt.’ Not an acute, real bad injury, but when you start compensating because you’re banged up in a lot of different ways, it does lead to injuries.

“It is different than last year in Denver where he was healthy (and sat out), maybe a little tired, dragging a little and you sat him. If he sits now it will be because he can’t play. He has some form of injury. Could he play in the playoffs if you shot him up? Yeah, but we’re not going to do that Game 31 of the regular season of the season.”

To listen to the entire interview with Bob Myers, click here.





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