Frank Isola: on resentment towards Stephen Curry, bitterness of Mark Jackson and who can beat the Warriors

New York Daily News sportswriter Frank Isola joined the “NBA This Week” show and talked all things Warriors and NBA. Isola addressed a variety of topics, including resentment toward Stephen Curry, the motives behind what Mark Jackson says and whether or not any team can beat the Warriors.

Here are some excerpts of what Isola said.

–On players resenting Stephen Curry and his success:

“I don’t understand the resentment towards him. I get the feeling a lot of players in the league resent him. Why else would those knuckleheads vote for James Harden as the MVP in those player awards?

“The media was smart enough to give it to Steph Curry. It’s weird. There’s resentment towards Steph Curry and the Warriors. Last year, it was a bit of a novelty, getting to the Finals. They’ll become, I don’t want to say a hated team, but maybe people will get tired of them. Some segment of the population anyway.

“As far as Curry goes, maybe there’s a little jealousy and resentment towards the fact he grew up a kid of privilege, grew up in a wealthy family, in the suburbs. Maybe that has a little something to do with it. I think there’s resentment toward that.

“You identify him with his mom and his dad and you see him with his wife so maybe people think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that may be true. But that doesn’t guarantee you becoming a player. … I think it’s a little weird, a little bizarre. I think they view him as a rich kid, kid of privilege who is taking over the NBA and I think that’s why there’s some jealousy there.”

–On why Mark Jackson is such a divisive figure:

“I look at it this way with Mark, there’s probably a lot of bitterness there because he got there and the Warriors were becoming a very good team and the year you get dismissed they go on and win the championship. I think it’s only natural to feel a little bitter about that. Steve Ker to his credit, the staff there, Ron Adams, they’ve always given the previous regime credit, saying ‘They put us in position to take us to the next level.’

“Those guys (Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy), listen, they’re going to make the broadcast entertaining, sometimes they’re going to say controversial things. That’s probably a combination of Mark with a little bit of bitterness about how it ended there in Golden State and maybe just saying something controversial.

“Steph Curry is great for basketball. Here’s the thing you can make the case Michael Jordan was bad for basketball.”

–On what team can beat the Warriors.

“I still think Cleveland. Let’s be fair here. Cleveland probably has a better shot to get back to the Finals than Golden State does just because Cleveland is in the East. … So barring an injury to LeBron I think they’ll get back there again and if their guys are healthy they can give the Warriors a game.”

To listen to the entire “NBA This Week” Show, click here.

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