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Sit-down interview with Stephen Curry

Hard to believe Stephen Curry has been a Warrior for almost 10 years — having been drafted in 2009. I had a chance to talk to Curry about a bunch of stuff, which included a big-picture look at what he’s … Continue reading

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Matt Steinmetz blog

Gonna start writing again here soon.

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Drawing NBA conclusions from day or two

The NBA is about two days old, so what better time than now to draw conclusions from as little information as possible. Here goes: —Liking Ben Simmons early. Liking Ben Simmons a lot. —Not sure what the Pelicans are going … Continue reading

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Re-starting blog; Make-or-break for Raiders, maybe Del Rio

There’s that old saying about the band getting together. It ain’t that but I’m thinking of starting up the blog again. Not sure why and not sure completely what about but I think I’m going to start putting down some … Continue reading

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Would Warriors rather play Clippers or Jazz? How slow could Utah make Golden State play? Iguodala playing like all-star, McCaw like veteran; being a part of Mount Long Answer-More

Went on with Joe, Lo and Dibs of 95.7-The Game and talked some Warriors. There were three main topics we hit on. Well, four, actually, but I’ll get to that. Here is a link to the eight-minute interview and below … Continue reading

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A case for ‘hero ball’; Blazers can absolutely play better; Draymond Green in defensive league by himself

–If you want to know why teams don’t just “run their offense” in a game’s final moments or last couple of possessions, watch the end of the Clippers-Jazz Game 1. Both of the game’s biggest buckets — Chris Paul’s little … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Draymond Green spectacular in Game 1 victory over Blazers; JaVale McGee provides third-quarter lift; Lillard-McCollum keep Portland in game for four quarters

One of 16 is in the books. It might not have been a thing of beauty, it might not have been their signature game and it may not even be the precise way the Warriors wanted to start the playoffs … Continue reading

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Blazers vs. Warriors: Game 1; interviews with the Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers, Washington Post’s Tim Bontemps and Tim Roye, the voice of the Warriors

The Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers are set to start their first-round series Sunday afternoon at Oracle Arena. For the Warriors, they’ll begin the process of trying to exorcise the demons of last year’s Game 7 loss to the Cleveland … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Golden State closes out regular season with easy win over Lakers; playoffs start Sunday afternoon against Portland; Durant looks ready for postseason

The Warriors ended their regular season on Wednesday night with a 109-94 win over the Los Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena. It might as well have been the end of a long preseason. Everyone knew the Warriors, coming off an … Continue reading

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One man’s (non) MVP ballot: Harden edges Westbrook

I don’t have a vote anymore for the NBA awards. But if I did, this would be my MVP ballot: –James Harden, Houston Rockets: He earns the No. 1 vote by a sliver over Russell Westbrook. The reason: he’s turned … Continue reading

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