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Warriors assistant Jarron Collins: on nit-picking this team, how Curry has gotten better, the proven formula for repeating

Jarron Collins is a Warriors assistant coach, so that right there makes him a potential head coach down the road. When you’re doing as well as the Warriors, assistants can become head coaches in a hurry. Alvin Gentry went from … Continue reading

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What’s eating Draymond Green … or is there anything?

Let me start out this post by saying: I have no idea what I’m talking or writing about. I don’t know what’s going on with Draymond Green. I’m not even entirely sure there is something going on with Green. What … Continue reading

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Warriors are making it clear by their actions: They’ve got the 72-win Chicago Bulls in their sights

The Warriors have won seven in a row and are now 44-4, heading into Wednesday’s game against the Wizards. It wasn’t long ago that the Warriors, themselves, and their fans felt the team was in a little bit of a … Continue reading

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Warriors’ blowouts help chemistry, Bogut remains underrated

PHOTO BY DANIEL KATZ Here’s a little of this and that after the Warriors’ 127-107 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday at Oracle – a place where they haven’t been defeated in more than a year. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Curry injury likely to be blessing in disguise for Warriors

While many Warriors fans seem to be concerned and a little bit pessimistic about Stephen Curry’s latest injury – a shin bruise – there’s a whole other way to look at it: This is a blessing in disguise for Curry … Continue reading

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Steve Kerr ‘not ready to coach yet,’ according to Walton

It was another celebration of sorts for the Warriors on Monday night at Oracle Arena. They beat the Charlotte Hornets 111-101 for their 35th consecutive regular-season win at home, and the victory also raised Golden State’s record to 32-2, which … Continue reading

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Banged-up Warriors don’t have an answer for Mavericks, Barea

The Warriors were blown out by the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night 114-91, and it was only their second loss of the season in 31 games. Of course, the Warriors were without MVP Stephen Curry and they were also missing … Continue reading

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Cavaliers’ problem vs. Warriors: LeBron James has to do too much; Kevin Love doesn’t do enough

The Warriors have passed every single test that’s been put in front of them in the past year-plus, and Christmas Day was no exception. The Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 89-83 at Oracle Arena, and it was just another example … Continue reading

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Talking Warriors’ winning streak, why Luke Walton is succeeding and what’s next for Golden State

Had a chance to be a guest on CNN International on Tuesday and talked with Kate Riley. The topic, of course, was the Golden State Warriors and when they might lose next. Among the other topics discussed were how important … Continue reading

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As shooting guard, Curry takes Warriors, his game to new level

Although it’s difficult to fathom, there seems to be a consensus that Stephen Curry — somehow, some way — is having an even better season than he had last year. In case you forgot, Curry was the league’s MVP in … Continue reading

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