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Oscar Robertson was absolutely right and flat-out wrong

By now you’ve probably heard that Oscar Robertson, one of the all-time great players, was critical of Stephen Curry’s game and the way basketball is played these days. Robertson said, in essence, that one of the reasons Curry shoots so … Continue reading

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Are Curry, Warriors being criticized or the game itself?

The Golden State Warriors are the defending NBA champions and they’re currently 52-5. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. There are still some out there that don’t think the Warriors are quite the juggernaut many think they are. Recently, … Continue reading

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Guide for Warriors’ haters: Get to know Golden State’s fanbase

It’s becoming apparent that the more the Warriors win, the more they’re being scrutinized – particularly their on-court behavior. In recent weeks we’ve heard a lot about the Warriors showboating or over-celebrating or simply enjoying themselves a little too much … Continue reading

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Whiteside, Vucevic will be tested by Warriors’ small lineup

If you’ve watched the Warriors a lot this season, you know that one of their strengths is to neutralize opposing centers, and it sometimes forces them off the floor. The Warriors’ small unit – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, … Continue reading

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Warriors’ turnover problem not much of a problem at all

At 50-5, it’s obvious the Warriors don’t have many weaknesses. But if there’s one aspect of the game that most agree could eventually come back to bite them it’s turnovers. It’s not so much that the Warriors commit 15.3 per … Continue reading

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Blowout at Portland showed why Warriors needed Varejao

The Portland game had to be the one that convinced the Warriors’ front office to go out and get Anderson Varejao or at least get serious about another big. General manager Bob Myers, et al., were thinking of it before … Continue reading

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Varejao could be factor sooner rather than later for Warriors

If the Warriors win back-to-back NBA titles, it won’t be because of Anderson Varejao. But there’s a very real possibility that if they do win another championship this year, you’ll look back and say: They couldn’t have done it without … Continue reading

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Links to segments with Harrison Barnes, Eric Musselman, Cliff Robinson, Ethan Strauss, etc.

Here are links to various interviews we’ve done on 95.7-FM The Game … Link to segment with Harrison Barnes. Link to segment with Eric Musselman. Link to segment with Cliff Robinson. Link to segment with Ethan Sherwood Strauss. Link to … Continue reading

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Former Blazer Terry Porter: on Curry and Warriors

Had a fun conversation with former Portland Trail Blazers point guard Terry Porter this week while co-hosting on the radio along with Chris Townsend. Porter was a terrific player in his day, tough at the defensive end and, well, tough … Continue reading

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When Warriors do lose, there’s lots to talk about

Boy, one loss can really change everything. Or so it seems. The Blazers rout the Warriors 137-105, and all of a sudden there are a lot of talking points with Golden State, despite its 48-5 record. My co-host on the … Continue reading

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