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Oscar Robertson was absolutely right and flat-out wrong

By now you’ve probably heard that Oscar Robertson, one of the all-time great players, was critical of Stephen Curry’s game and the way basketball is played these days. Robertson said, in essence, that one of the reasons Curry shoots so … Continue reading

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Are Curry, Warriors being criticized or the game itself?

The Golden State Warriors are the defending NBA champions and they’re currently 52-5. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. There are still some out there that don’t think the Warriors are quite the juggernaut many think they are. Recently, … Continue reading

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Guide for Warriors’ haters: Get to know Golden State’s fanbase

It’s becoming apparent that the more the Warriors win, the more they’re being scrutinized – particularly their on-court behavior. In recent weeks we’ve heard a lot about the Warriors showboating or over-celebrating or simply enjoying themselves a little too much … Continue reading

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