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Bobby Sura

Came home tonight thinking of Bobby Sura. I think of Bobby Sura more than you, I promise. Let’s be honest, “load management” is an embarrassment to current NBA players, the league itself and all those hard-nosed, play-through-injury guys of the … Continue reading

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The Warriors have become bigger than just basketball

The Golden State Warriors are officially a phenomenon, and that’s what we talked a lot about on the “NBA This Week” show. The Warriors have the longest sellout streak in the NBA, their television ratings are unprecedented, and tons of … Continue reading

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Few teams help their superstar like the Warriors help Curry

There’s a phrase we’ve heard forever about a certain kind of great basketball player: “He makes his teammates better.” It’s the ultimate compliment you can give a player – that he alone can turn so-so players into effective ones and … Continue reading

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