Warriors assistant Jarron Collins: on nit-picking this team, how Curry has gotten better, the proven formula for repeating

Jarron Collins is a Warriors assistant coach, so that right there makes him a potential head coach down the road. When you’re doing as well as the Warriors, assistants can become head coaches in a hurry.

Alvin Gentry went from Warriors assistant to New Orleans head coach last offseason, and now Luke Walton looks like he’ll be in the running for a head job come the end of the year. So, who knows? Things can happen pretty quickly.

Collins joined the “NBA This Week” and discussed a variety of Warriors’ topics, including the importance of Ron Adams, establishing habits for the playoffs, this incredible two-year run, whether to nit-pick the team or not, and lots of other terrific stuff.

You can listen to the interview with Jarron Collins here. Included below are some excerpts of the interview.

–On the difficulty of coaching this team and knowing the difference between legitimate criticism and nit-picking:

COLLINS: That’s the beauty of coaching: It’s our job to nit-pick. There’s something you may mention or may think or see as a small thing – say, not boxing out. For a guard, say a shot is taken and a guard didn’t get to what we like to call the ‘boxes and elbows’. So bigs cover the boxes, guards cover the elbows to get a defensive rebound. Say somebody leaks out trying to get in offensive transition. He doesn’t necessarily get to that elbow to get that defensive rebound.

It’s maybe a small thing because we may be able to get that defensive rebound but a small thing can be a big thing when each possession means so much later in the year, in the playoffs.


It’s about building habits. It’s about pointing out our weaknesses. Say somebody’s getting back cut. It may be a small thing and just a possession in a game in March, but when it really counts, it’s all about our habits we’re trying to establish for later in the year. It is our job to nit-pick and to point out and to make sure we’re all on the same page moving forward.

–On whether he thought it was possible for Warriors to be better than last year:

COLLINS: It’s been a fantastic ride, an incredible journey for myself, this team — to be a part of this team and organization. Did I imagine we’d be on this record-breaking pace and establishing all these records and winning a championship, probably not.

Having said that that was our goal, intention and desire from the start of the year. We’re having the success we’re having because of our depth and everybody buying in and it’s a beautiful thing to be around. The chemistry we have in the organization, not just on the court … everybody is pulling in the same direction and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and is special.

–On whether or not he wants to become a head coach:

COLLINS: Eventually, down the road. I’m not in a rush to part such a special environment. But that’s the goal.

–On how Stephen Curry has managed to improve over last season:

COLLINS: He works at it. There’s no secret to success. He put in the time. He worked this offseason. Although it was short, he was in the gym working on his game, working on his craft, his shooting drills he does every single day, his ballhandling drills he does every single day.

It’s to get better and improve his abilities. There are times, where coming off a back-to-back or the schedule, maybe, presents us a difficult challenge for the team – those times he’s taken over the game because of his individual brilliance.

But to be where we want to be at the end of June, the formula was last year in terms of defending, using our numbers and getting a team effort.



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