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Warriors haven’t been in a lot of crunch-time situations this season, but they haven’t done well when they have been

At 27-5, the Warriors haven’t had a lot of games that have come down to crunch time. But in the few they’ve had, they haven’t done particularly well — at the offensive end at least. We’re still talking about a … Continue reading

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Warriors have won virtually every game they “could have” lost

When you’re the first team in NBA history to ring up a 66-7 record after 73 games, there’s little doubt you’re a dominant team. And that’s what the Golden State Warriors are right now. But there’s another way to look … Continue reading

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Warriors’ turnover problem not much of a problem at all

At 50-5, it’s obvious the Warriors don’t have many weaknesses. But if there’s one aspect of the game that most agree could eventually come back to bite them it’s turnovers. It’s not so much that the Warriors commit 15.3 per … Continue reading

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Hawks countered Warriors’ “pitch ahead”

  One thing the Atlanta Hawks seemed to do very well in their 124-116 win over the Warriors on Friday night was this: They shut down the “pitch ahead.” What’s the “pitch-ahead?” It’s when the Warriors take the ball out … Continue reading

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Warriors have never played better in a loss this season

All right, here’s my quick thought after seeing the Warriors lose to the Hawks 124-116 on Friday night. This feelsĀ like the first time the Warriors played perfectly fine — and yet lost. We’ve come to expect that when the Warriors … Continue reading

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Tough call but going with Korver

It already seems apparent that the best event during NBA All-Star weekend is going to be the 3-point shootout, and the reason is pretty simple, the field: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver, Wes Matthews and J.J. Redick. That’s about … Continue reading

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