Sit-down interview with Stephen Curry

Hard to believe Stephen Curry has been a Warrior for almost 10 years — having been drafted in 2009. I had a chance to talk to Curry about a bunch of stuff, which included a big-picture look at what he’s done in his NBA career.

We talked about lots of things, from early criticism of his game, to how the Warriors have changed over the past decade, to his shooting form, to his superstardom, to golf, family and privacy and more.

You can listen to interview here:

Stephen Curry sit-down with Steinmetz



About Steinmetz

Matt Steinmetz is a veteran San Francisco Bay Area sports journalist. He covered the Golden State Warriors for the Bay Area News Group for more than a decade before becoming a television analyst with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. Steinmetz can be heard on "Steiny & Guru" on 95.7-FM The Game in San Francisco, from 12-3.
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2 Responses to Sit-down interview with Stephen Curry

  1. Steinmetz says:

    Seth, thanks for reaching out a while back. I pretty much stopped blogging but now may give it another shot, though no promises. Here’s what I remember from that interview. I had to get to Oakland, which was where Warriors practice facility was located, from SF. Interview scheduled for 12:30 and I got off at noon. So I had to hustle. Ran six blocks to Embarcadero, took BART to West Oakland. Sprinted to my car four blocks away. Drove the half-mile to the facility. By time I got there I was sweating like a pig, shirt was soaked, and I was immediately offered a towel upon my entrance. Good news is I got there in time. Bad news is Curry had other stuff to do and had to wait about 45 minutes. LOL


  2. any interesting behind the scenes stuff around setting up the interview, or your thoughts on how it went, reflections on things Curry said, regrets about things unasked, etc…?


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