Draymond Green is right on the money about Raiders’ move to Las Vegas; we’re all figuring out how we’re going to handle it

We know that Draymond Green is outspoken, and we know he doesn’t mind voicing his opinion. Particularly when he is asked for it. After the Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, Green was asked about the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas and how he feels about it.

As usual, Green didn’t hold back. Among other things, Green said: “If I was a fan, I wouldn’t attend a game the next few years. But that’s just me. That’s ridiculous. No way I’d pay money to attend a game.”

A day after those comments were made, they’re still resonating. The bottom line is that Green struck on a very strong sentiment. The fact of the matter is that Green is dealing with something most Raiders’ fans in Oakland are dealing with: How to approach this team moving forward.

We talked about Green’s comments on 95.7-FM the Game this morning, and one of the questions was whether or not Green should “stay in his lane” and not comment on something that doesn’t involve basketball and the Warriors. Absolutely, positively not, is what I say. Green shouldn’t stay in his lane.

“I think what Draymond Green is thinking about and how he’s thinking about how to approach the next two or three years is what we’re all thinking about. I live in Oakland. What am I going to do? Am I going to go to anymore Raiders games? I go to a few games a year. Am I going to go anymore?

“One the one hand I’m thinking ‘no chance.’ I’m not giving this guy (owner Mark Davis) and this organization any of my money. Absolutely not. He’s leaving. On the other hand I really enjoy myself at the Raiders games. It’s a great environment, you get to know a lot of people. Everybody is friendly so why would I want to take that away from myself? Why would I not enjoy that pleasure just because of someone else’s decision. Why take that away from myself?

“Frankly, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer. If you say you’re never going to another Raiders game again you have the right to do that. If you say, I’m not going to let Mark Davis take away my joy for the next 2 or 3 years, that’s fair, too.”






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