Stephen Jackson: on the ‘We Believe’ Warriors: his admiration for Don Nelson; smoking weed before games, and plenty more

Stephen Jackson is nothing if not honest. It’s what makes Stephen Jackson … Stephen Jackson. That honesty and straightforwardness came out big time on Wednesday during a 20-minute interview.

We talked to Jackson about a variety of topics, including his memories of “We Believe,” why Don Nelson was one of the best coaches he ever had, how often, if ever, he smoked marijuana before games and so much more.

Here’s link to interview with Stephen Jackson on 95.7-FM The Game.

–Jackson said he doesn’t believe there is any NBA team out there that can beat the Warriors. Too much firepower is pretty much what he said. Jackson also thinks that Cleveland’s LeBron James sees the writing on the wall — that the Cavs can’t get it done as presently constituted. That’s why, Jackson says, James has been lobbying to get him some help.

–Jackson talked specifically about the Warriors’ run during the “We Believe” era/year. The Warriors won 16 of the final 21 regular-season games to make the playoffs in 2007, and that run was fueled by point guard Baron Davis. According to Jackson, it was Davis who gave the Warriors team their identity.

–Jackson talked glowingly about Nelson, who Jackson said was one of his favorite coaches. Jackson said the reason Nelson was perfect for that “We Believe” team was that he allowed the players to be themselves.

–Jackson clarified the remarks he made on the “I am Rapaport” podcast about what he said about marijuana and Nelson. Jackson wanted to make sure people understood that Nelson never smoked weed, but that, yeah, he did know that some of the players likely did.

Jackson also said he never smoked weed “before a playoff game or meaningful game.” In fact, Jackson detailed what his game-day routine was, which included a little smoking after shoot-around, then lunch and a nap.






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