“NBA This Week:” Warriors in malaise; DeMarcus Cousins’ behavior; Deron Williams’ inexusable blunder; interviews with Washington Post’s Tim Bontemps; the Blazers’ Brian Wheeler

On this week’s edition of “NBA This Week,” John Dickinson and I talked about the Warriors and whether they’re experiencing a little bit of a malaise these days. Yes, they’ve won three in a row, but the victories haven’t been very impressive and that streak was preceded by a clunker of a loss at Memphis. Below are links to the show and talking points about the content.

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Among some other Warriors’ topics in Hour 1:

–A bright spot over the past week has been the play of JaVale McGee, who has filled in at center for the past two games for the injured Zaza Pachulia. McGee played 17 minutes in the Warriors’ win over the New York Knicks and had 16 points, two rebounds and a block.

McGee has quickly become a fan favorite and there seems to be sentiment building that McGee should start instead of Pachulia, even when Pachulia comes back. That could be as early as tonight against Portland. We’re not so sure about that.

–With all the questions about the center position, Steinmetz wonders how much it really needs to be worried about. Assuming Draymond Green will play center at the most important times, let’s say 15 minutes or so a night, that leaves 30-plus minutes for the other guys. If Pachulia can give you 15 or so and McGee can you give 15 or so, what’s the big deal, right?

–Draymond Green wasn’t called for a foul when he stripped Anthony Davis in the final seconds of Tuesday’s game against the Pelicans. Then the NBA ruled that a foul should have been called on Green. And then … the NBA officials reacted to that and said the officials on the floor had it right and the NBA reviewer had it wrong — it was a non-call. Some fascinating stuff and a good talking point.

–What is going on with DeMarcus Cousins and the Sacramento media? Dickinson has been in the Kings’ locker room plenty over the years and he gives his perspective on the kerfuffle. One thing seems certain: Cousins hasn’t been a particularly nice fellow when it comes to giving the media a piece of his mind.

Do the Kings bear responsibility in enabling Cousins’ behavior? Also … some really good beat writing/journalism discussion.

Here’s a link to Hour 1 of the “NBA This Week.”

In Hour No. 2, we interviewed Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post, and he broke down the new collective bargaining agreement and how it will affect the Golden State Warriors. Will the Warriors be able to keep both Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant? What will happen to Andre Igoudala, a free agent, at the end of the season?

Bontemps, Steinmetz and Dickinson also really got into nuance about the the media in general and the situation with Cousins in particular. Lots facets at work here.

Here’s link to interview with Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post.

Steinmetz and Dickinson talk about which teams and players are up and which are down. The Houston Rockets are up, and so are the San Antonio Spurs — quietly on the Warriors’ heels again. As for who is down, nobody is more down in Steinmetz’ mind than Dallas’ Deron Williams, who took one of the most bone-headed shots you’ll see in the NBA this year — and it cost the Mavericks a game.

Here’s link to Hour 2 of the “NBA This Week.”

With the Portland Trail Blazers visiting Oracle Arena on Saturday night, we welcomed Blazers radio play-by-play announcer Brian Wheeler. The Blazers are struggling this year — at two games under .500 — and Wheeler shares some of his insight into why that may be happening.

Here’s link to interview with Blazers play-by-play voice Brian Wheeler.

We also looked ahead to the Warriors’ week ahead, which also includes Utah — a very interesting team. Then, the Warriors head off on the road for the holidays with a game at Brooklyn, at Detroit and then Christmas Day against the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

Here’s link to Hour 3 of the “NBA This Week.”



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