The Topic: What can Warriors do differently in Game 4 vs. Grizz?

Been talking tons of Warriors leading up to Game 4 tonight vs. the Grizzlies, and it often comes down to: What can the Warriors do differently to try to get out of this funk? We know a lot of what their issues are: Struggling from 3-point range; turning the ball over too much; getting worn out by Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol; and even free throw shooting.

But what can the Warriors do to change this series and the way it’s going? My NBA Show partner, John Dickinson, and I were talking about this a few minutes ago. Here’s what we think:

Dickinson: “I think the Warriors are prepared tonight to try to win ugly. Steve Kerr said they need to be better defensively. They may come out and make more shots and they may not. But I think they are going to sell out and try to hold Memphis to the high-80s or low-90s.”

Steinmetz: “But how are they going to do that? Memphis is still going to do what they do, pound it inside possession after possession. I can see some aggressive double-teaming down there, but how much more can you do against the Grizzlies … yeah, try to get them to take more outside shots. But the Grizzlies weren’t born yesterday, and they’ve got three very skilled decision-makers. Plus, two of them are their biggest players.”


Dickinson: “I’m not saying they will be able to, but I think they are going to try. Maybe more double-teaming, trying to force turnovers and making a real effort to get out on the break — only finishing now, which they haven’t done so well this series. That’s where the Warriors have been leaving points out there. Also think they will try to get to the foul line, force the issue and hope the officials help them like they did in fourth quarter of Game 3. I’m thinking of stuff the Warriors can do beyond “make more shots.”

Steinmetz: “The foul trouble thing will always work both ways. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Memphis’ bigs get in foul trouble but Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green don’t. It’s almost inconceivable, really. Bogut doesn’t look to score down there and Green isn’t a natural back-to-basket player. All Memphis looks to do is pound it into the low post with those two guys.”

Dickinson: True, but when the fouls are called, it’s important. Let’s say it’s the reverse of Saturday — maybe where Gasol and Randolph get a couple of quick ones, but Bogut and Green get theirs later in the game … or later in the first half or second half. Not necessarily immediately.”

Steinmetz: “OK, I could see that. Where maybe one of those guys — or maybe even both for a period — has to stay off the floor for 8-or-10 minutes. Got you. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. One of the things that makes this so tremendous.”


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