What are your earliest sports memories? I got a few

I remember the Munich Olympics being something important when I was a child. No specifics, no understanding, but knew there was something happening at a sporting event that shouldn’t be happening. That’s late summer of ‘72, which puts me at almost 8.

I also remember Reading High School losing the state title in basketball in 1973. They lost to General Braddock on a real bad foul by a player named Mike Garman. Stu Jackson was on that team, and he would later coach the Knicks, Wisconsin and become a big boy in the NBA. Stu was an incredible player, and in Reading, Red Knights’ basketball was where it was at. That program steered me toward basketball.

It wasn’t all sports, come to think of it. I remember the Watergate hearings. I have a distinct memory, at least as far as remembering what a kid my age could remember at that time, my mom riveted to the hearings on our family room couch. She’d just completed a day teaching English at Muhlenberg High School outside Reading, PA, and I sensed she was focused on the TV.

Mom’s always been more of a doer than a watcher so I knew if she were glued to the TV hours at a time, it had to be important. Mom’s always been progressive and still is. I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, I just knew my mom thought some guy named Richard Nixon was a dick. That was May-ish of 1973. Your boy was headed toward his ninth birthday.

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