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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Near-perfect third quarter paves way for blowout win over Kings 109-86; Draymond Green ejected after outburst; Golden State heads to break an NBA-best 47-9

The Sacramento Kings had a couple of things going against them on Wednesday night when they played the Golden State Warriors. First off, the Warriors were coming off a blowout loss on Monday to the Denver Nuggets. Second, the last … Continue reading

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Emotional hangover for Warriors in loss to Denver; Golden State is vulnerable without all four ‘Stars’; some joy is missing this year for the Warriors and their fans

Had a chance to talk a lot of Warriors with Mitch and Pitch on ESPN Las Vegas 1100/100.9-FM. We touched on several topics, including the Warriors’ letdown against the Denver Nuggets, the reaction of Oklahoma City fans for Kevin Durant’s … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Nuggets put on historic 3-point show in 132-110 blowout; Curry can’t get anything going; and yes, there’s a comparison to be made between Westbrook and Curry

If I played Stephen Curry 100 times in H-O-R-S-E, I might be able to beat him a game or two. OK, maybe not a game of H-O-R-S-E, but maybe a game of P-I-G. But I’ll bet there would be one … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Lots of Warriors-OKC hype but we learned nothing: GSW clearly better than Thunder; Westbrook elite but needs help; Durant’s supporting cast unprecedented

Yeah, I gotta tell you, I’m not really psyched to put together a bunch of paragraphs on the latest Warriors’ win — the one in Oklahoma City on Saturday night … You know, Kevin Durant’s first trip back to that … Continue reading

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Chris Broussard, Howard Beck and Michael Cage discuss Warriors-OKC, the return of Kevin Durant and what’s going on in New York with Charles Oakley and the Knicks

Well, this one tonight is going to be a little different. The Warriors play the Thunder and this one isn’t going to look — or sound — like a run-of-the-mill NBA game. Kevin Durant visits Oklahoma City for the first … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: Draymond Green scores 4 points but gets historic triple-double; Warriors beat Grizzlies for first time this year 122-107; Iguodala shines in key second-quarter run

There would be no comeback on this night. The Warriors played one of their best games of the season on Friday night in Memphis, getting ahead of the Grizzlies and staying ahead of the Grizzlies. All night long. The Warriors … Continue reading

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‘Beyond the Numbers’: Kevin Durant’s return to Oklahoma City; tricky road trip overall for Warriors, more

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Critics of Russell Westbrook just don’t get it

There’s certainly been a backlash to Russell Westbrook, and the year he’s having. We’re now past the halfway point of the NBA season and one major theme has been Westbrook’s pursuit of averaging a triple-double and just how remarkable that … Continue reading

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Steve Kerr interview: On late-game execution; the difficult upcoming road trip; receiving backlash for his social/political views; what mom said after ejection against Kings, more

Had a chance to talk to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr on Thursday — right after the team’s practice in Memphis. The Warriors are 44-8, but two of those losses have come against the Grizzlies, whom they play on Friday … Continue reading

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‘Warriors WrapUp’: No drama for Warriors in 123-92 blowout of Bulls; Butler, Wade don’t play for Chicago; Thompson leads Golden State with 28 points, Durant with 22

A .500 team from the Eastern Conference came into Oracle on Wednesday night — without their two best players. What do you think happened? If you guessed that we’d be talking about a Warriors’ blowout, then you’re right on the … Continue reading

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