Former Warrior Adonal Foyle, Hall-of-Famer Peter Vecsey talk Curry, Warriors & more

We had a terrific “NBA This Week” show on 95.7-FM The Game on Saturday, when we welcomed former Warriors center Adonal Foyle in studio for an hour segment and also Hall-of-Fame media member Peter Vecsey.

The Warriors, of course, were the theme of the show, and both guys delivered strong insight on that subject. Here are some excerpts from each of the interviews. Foyle talked extensively about this year’s team, the growth of Stephen Curry, the pending move to San Francisco and all things Golden State Warriors history.

Vecsey brought his unique perspective to the Warriors, also. He talked about how the organization tried to trade Curry multiple times, how Mark Jackson’s system helped Steve Kerr win a title and why the attitude adjustments of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut helped get this team to the next level.

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Foyle on Stephen Curry: “What’s illuminating is that for the first time Steph is willing to take over a game and has no qualms about it. I think that’s something that is important that hasn’t been made a big deal of. He’s much more willing to … If he has to score 54, he will. I think last year he struggled with that. He deferred to everybody, trying to get everybody involved. He’s still able to do that but I’ve seen a willingness to want to take it to the next level and ‘I want to keep scoring until they stop me.’”


Vecsey on the Warriors: “They’re winning without a coach. No disrespect to Luke Walton but I think he would say the same thing. All he’s done is start the engine. He puts the key in the ignition and they go out and they’re a machine. It was proven last year. Everybody wanted to say it was (Steve) Kerr but it’s not. It’s the players. The system was in place, the players were in place.

“Once (Harrison) Barnes stopped being a baby, which he admitted he was the previous year when he didn’t start, and (Festus) Ezeli was healthy and Bogut was healthy and they made two nice pickups in Livingston and Barbosa. And so everything clicks and they’re a joy to watch.”

Vecsey on the Warriors trying to trade Curry: “John Hammonds called me, the Milwaukee Bucks GM, and he said to me: ‘Help me out here. Who would you take: Curry or Monta. I could have either one.’

“It was there to be had. He was worried about Curry’s health of course. With Monta he was worried about his attitude. I told him I would take either one of them.

While I don’t know what happened once he hung up, the next day the trade was made for Monta. Maybe the Warriors pulled it back.”

“NBA THIS WEEK:” With former Warrior and current community ambassador Adonal Foyle.

“NBA THIS WEEK:” With Hall-of-Fame writer Peter Vecsey.



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  1. Mike W says:

    Love Peter but he’s extremely tight with Mark Jackson. His POV on Kerr should be taken with a grain of salt


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