Warriors No. 1 seed … now what?

Just got done watching the Warriors frolic with the New York Knicks.

Their record is now 5o-something and barely double-figures, I can’t keep track. Incredible, but with about a month of the season left, the Warriors are, and will end up with, the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. Nobody is going to catch them in the West, a remarkable thought in its own right. Knowing that, how much do you think about what happens after that, the playoffs?

Crazy as it seems, the Warriors have a month to play with. OK, maybe not to play with, but to perhaps strategize about what they want to do heading into the playoffs. We know it will be intriguing to find out which team will wind up the No. 8 seed, but the Warriors can’t control that.

Or can they?

As the Warriors head down the home stretch, knowing they’re coasting toward Best in West status, what’s the objective these final dozen-and-a-half games or so? How are the Warriors gonna play it?

They can:

1. Go business as usual, playing most everyone healthy and then resting players infrequently along the line.

2. Emphasize rest over results, giving the core rotation games off and limiting minutes during the games it does play.

3. Win as many games as possible, thinking long-term that you could face the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA Finals.

4. Try to finagle with the Western Conference standings and seedings, by perhaps resting key players in remaining games against certain opponents such as the New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, etc.

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